The Lost Valley - Beyond the end of the road - Silver Strand - Killadoon - Louisburgh - Co. Mayo - Ireland


Magnificent, unspoiled but dangerous.

There is a very impressive looking extensive beach area in the valley, magnificent to look at, but quiet dangerous for the unwary. Some sections can be liable to significant quicksand, and high tides come in at the back of the beach cutting of retreat and then proceed to cover the entire area. Powerful tidal currents at the mouth of the fjord often result in strong rip currents at the beach. Benign tidal conditions change dramatically without warning especially during high tides and as such the beach is unsafe for bathing. 

An Irish Water Safety risk assessment report  concluded that, ''Uggool  Beach is a dangerous beach''.  The Safety Assessors also concluded that any attempt to access the valley via the foreshore was ''fraught with hazards and risks'', and that, '' the idea of gaining access to the beach via the headland ''is a non runner due to the many dangers involved.''

Indeed the Bourke family who despite their familiarity with the area have on many occasions been lucky not to lose their lives trying to access their valley, were well aware of these inherent dangers. On one memorable occasion they took Court action against the Irish Land Commission to try to get them to help. The Land Commission claimed in court, that the cost of an access roadway was such that a reasonable contribution to it would be beyond their means and ''it would be cheaper buy a Helicopter.'' 

Today thanks entirely to their own efforts, there is safe convenient access to the Lost Valley.


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The Lost Valley - Beyond the end of the road

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